Offensive Posters Found on Campus Accuse SJP of Supporting Terror Groups


Students reported finding several offensive posters on campus early Thursday that describe the group Students for Justice in Palestine as supporting terror groups, less than two months after posters with similar messages were reported across campus.

The posters, found near the De Neve area, read “Stop SJP” and claimed the organization supports groups that oppress women, kill gay individuals and persecute Christians.

Students for Justice in Palestine could not immediately be reached for comment for this article.

The posters included information about the website titled “Jew Hatred on Campus,” which is run by conservative writer David Horowitz. The site alleges that UCLA is one of the nation’s most anti-Semitic schools.

Horowitz said in a Jewish Journal interview in February he put up other posters criticizing Students for Justice in Palestine. The February posters depicted men with assault rifles standing over a masked man and named the student group with “#JewHaters” written below it.


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photo via twitter