Jew Hatred on Campus Campaign Brings Teach-ins to Colleges and Universities Across the Nation

In the last few weeks of the academic year, the Jew Hatred on Campus campaign has taken the fight against campus anti-Semitism directly to the campuses with a series of teach-ins to combat Jew hatred at colleges and universities across the nation and to expose the links between campus hate groups such as the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine and Islamic terrorism.

David Horowitz spoke at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on April 13. He began his address by showing the Freedom Center’s Wall of Truth video, which shows scenes of the genocidal campaign against Israel and the Jews on college campuses, and includes a mini-history of the Middle East that exposes the lies about Israel which are propagated by Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood-supporting groups on university and college campuses.

Horowitz’s speech sparked an uproar among students representing these groups at UNC who responded to his address by launching a hashtag campaign at #notsafeUNC, claiming that his speech made them feel unsafe on campus. The "UNSAFE" campaign’s opening statement on Tumblr characterized Horowitz’s remarks as “defamatory and egregious Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim sentiments” and “baseless claims to delegitimize and vilify Muslim and Arab students.” Of course Horowitz did no such thing. What he did was expose the campus supporters of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and their efforts to spread the propaganda lies of the terrorists.

The UNC College Republicans who hosted Horowitz on campus were the chief targets of these attacks. They didn't back down but defended his right to speak and pointed out that an opposing viewpoint should not be perceived as a threat. “I think it’s a little disingenuous to be claiming feelings of unsafety from remarks made by a speaker who lectures on college campuses fairly regularly,” commented Frank Pray, chairman of the UNC College Republicans. “I think that being uncomfortable is not the same thing as being unsafe.” They also defended his claim that former presidents of the Muslim Students Association, most notoriously Anwar al-Awlaki, the head of Al-Qaeda in the Yemen had gone on to high level terrorist careers. Leftist students at UNC and other campuses Horowitz visited were particularly upset by the fact that he described the Muslim Students Association as a "recruitment organization" for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Reason Magazine’s blog also came to Horowitz’s defense, running a piece by Nick Gillespie titled “If David Horowitz Speaking on Your Campus Makes You Feel Unsafe, The Terrorists Have Won.

David Horowitz also spoke at Boston College on April 15, at Ohio State University on April 22, and at the State University of New York at Stony Brook on April 23. The Jew Hatred on Campus campaign held a panel discussion at Pitzer College on April 27 featuring Dr. Charles Jacobs, Nonie Darwish, Dr. Richard Cravatts, and student Elliott Hamilton.

Videos of these events may be viewed below.  We encourage students who were not able to bring an event to their campus this spring to start thinking about inviting a speaker or hosting a teach-in during the Fall 2015 semester. Contact Sara Dogan for more information about participating in our fall campaign.