David Horowitz Encounters Hostile Audience at Stony Brook


Preface on this report from David Horowitz: 

This reporter left out the evidence I gave that MSA is a recruiting organization for the Muslim Brotherhood, beginning with the fact that according to documents presented in the Holy Land Foundation trial, MSA  was created by the Muslim Brotherhood for the express purpose of "destroying the American civilization" from within.  I also cited the former MSA presidents who had gone on to high level careers in terrorist organizations, Anwar al-Awlaki being the most obvious one. Also the account of my confrontation with Peterson is grossly distorted. Our confrontation started because instead of asking a question he started to make a speech. Even though I knew he was supporting me I told him that if I let him make a speech I would have to let all the hostile questioners make speeches. The night before I had spoken at Ohio State and 20 MSA and SJP supporters lined up to ask "questions". When they got to the microphone they read speeches off their cell-phones which had been prepared before I spoke and alleged that I had make statements which were the opposite of what I actually said. 

David Horowitz Targets Muslim Students at Iran Deal Lecture

This article was originally published in the Stony Brook Press

David Horowitz, a conservative political activist, said that the “Muslim Student Association is a recruiting tool for the Muslim Brotherhood” at a talk on the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program organized by The Stony Brook University College Republicans.

“Barack Obama is a total disaster, he has set the Middle East aflame by throwing out Mubarak and letting the Muslim Brotherhood in. By overthrowing Gaddafi, throwing Libya into chaos,” Horowitz said to a crowd of approximately a hundred gathered students, professors and interested parties in Javits 103.

Horowitz began his presentation with a 10-minute video about “A Genocidal Campaign on America’s Campuses.” It described the rise of anti-Israeli sentiment across American college campuses.

As the video came to an end, Horowitz continued to speak about the “War on Israel” being waged by the Muslim Student Associations across America.

Members of the College Republicans tried to steer the conversation to the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program but Horowitz replied that he was going to “get to it eventually.”

He eventually did speak about the technicalities and negative aspects of the deal, including the absence of a “snap inspection” clause, which prevents impromptu inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities.

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