Amcha Initiative Swastika Tracker

Amcha Initiative Swastika Tracker

Updated: 4/14/15

The following is a partial list of incidents where swastikas were found on U.S. campuses from April 2014
*displayed in reverse chronological order

  1. April 2015 – STANFORD UNIVERSITY – The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house was spray-painted with swastikas on Saturday night, April 25, 2015.
  2. April 2015 – NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY – A swastika was found in the men’s fourth-floor restroom at University Library on April 11. The graffiti was written in pencil and the police were able to remove it. Two more incidents were later discovered when police investigated the first incident. University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said police found a swastika drawn in pencil in a third floor study room. Police also found a Star of David drawn in ink pen on the walls of a different third-floor study room. McAleer said the image might have previously been a swastika.
  3. April 2015 – UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI– Two consecutive incidents of antisemitism: a swastika, the Illuminati symbol, and the word “heil” were drawn in ash on the wall on April 9.  The graffiti was cleaned from the wall that day by residential life staff members.  On the evening of April 10, another swastika and the words “You’ve been warned” were discovered in the same area.
  4. April 2015 – FRAMINGHAM STATE UNIVERSITY – A swastika was keyed into a car of a student. This is the second swastika incident in the school year (other incident was December 2014).
  5. March 2015 – FARLEIGH DICKINSON UNIVERSITY – In a Jewish Link New Jersey article describing how the only Israeli flag on campus was torn, the author notes an email in which one person exclaimed, “Just to add to the overall picture of bias crimes on campus, last week, I found a swastika drawn on the bulletin board outside my office in Bancroft Hall—yet again.”
  6. March 2015 – NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY – Swastikas were drawn on a dry-erase board in the common space of the International Village dorm. President Joseph Aoun wrote in an email to students, “I condemn this hateful act of anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms.”
  7. March 2015 – TUFTS UNIVERSITY – Swastikas were found on several cars at a fraternity house on campus on Packard Avenue. This is the fourth antisemitic incident at the university in less than two years.
  8. March 2015  – SUNY PURCHASE COLLEGE – Multiple swastikas were painted in a SUNY Purchase College dorm room. According to a Hillel email, “the vandalism was [on] doors and a stairwell. Within 12 hours, university President Thomas Schwarz issued a statement reiterating that ‘prejudice of any form has no place in our community.'”
  9. March 2015 – UC BERKELEY Swastikas are common at UC Berkeley as a student explains, “We still find anti-Semitic slogans written on bathrooms. We see swastikas on doors still, but they’re kind of dismissed. They’re painted over because there are just so many things that happened. A lot of students find swastikas and come to me. [They see it] on dorms, on bathroom stalls, just random places on campus.”
  10. March 2015 – GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY – Another posting of a swastika was found at International House, this time on the bulletin board of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.
  11. March 2015 – VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY – Two swastikas were spray-painted in the elevator of the Tau Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house, and another swastika was painted on a basement door.
  12. March 2015 – CUNY JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE – Swastikas were scrawled in bathrooms and in a classroom
  13. February 2015 – CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY – Swastikas were drawn on the university’s Main Classroom building, coinciding with scribbling on Israel in the defacing of a world map on the first floor.
  14. February 2015 – GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY – Three swastikas were drawn on the floor of a residence hall, International House, where members of the historically Jewish sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi, resided.
  15. February 2015 – UC BERKELEY – On February 4, a swastika was found graffitied on a university-owned building on University Avenue.
  16. January 2015 – UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS – A Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, was defaced with swastikas on Shabbat.
  17. December 2014 – FRAMINGHAM UNIVERSITY – A swastika was found carved into a student’s door at Horace Mann Hall.
  18. December 2014 – TUFTS UNIVERSITY – Swastikas were found spray-painted on a Tufts University building for the third time in nearly two years.Local youths were eventually found to have caused this incident. The suspect were eventually caught and tried in juvenile court.
  19. November 2014 – EMERSON COLLEGE –  In three separate occasions, swastikas appeared. A swastika was found scrawled on a bulletin board. Another swastika was discovered the following week, followed the next day by swastikas found scrawled on the door jams of every residential floor laundry room with the word “heil” accompanying one of the swastikas.
  20. November 2014 – NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY – Swastikas were drawn on two fliers posted on campus to publicize a lecture by an Israeli military official. President Aoun sent a strong letter to the community which stated, “Let there be no doubt: we have absolutely no tolerance for anti-Semitism, prejudice, and hate crimes of any kind, including this incident. The Northeastern University Police Department is in possession of evidence related to this act and is actively investigating the case.”
  21. October 2014 – KEAN UNIVERSITY – Swastikas were drawn outside a Jewish student’s dorm room door.
  22. October 2014 – UC BERKELEY – On October 14, a swastika was found on the exterior of a campus building.
  23. October 2014 – YALE UNIVERSITY – Three swastikas were chalked on the sidewalk outside of Durfee Hall on the Old Campus.
  24. October 2014 – EMORY UNIVERSITY  – Swastikas were spray painted on the front of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house. Swastikas were also found spray painted on a stone wall outside of the Kappa Alpha fraternity house after the end of the Jewish holy holiday, Yom Kippur.
  25. September 2014 – EMORY UNIVERSITY  – Swastikas were found on Emory’s Robert W. Woodruff Library.
  26. September 2014 – EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY – A swastika was painted on the door of a Greenville apartment housing a Jewish student.
  27. July 2014 – UNIVERSITY OF OREGON – Mailboxes at a Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, were spray painted with swastikas.
  28. April 2014 – UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA – Nearly a dozen swastikas were found carved into the walls of an off-campus housing apartment complex housing students right near the university.
  29. January 2014 – NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY – a swastika was scratched into a student’s car in what university police labeled a hate crime.